Announcements: August 27 – September 3

Summer Schedule – through Sept 3

St. Matthew Flora Twp. – 8:00am | St. Matthew’s Danube – 9:30am

Sunday Morning Services will change on the Sunday after Labor Day.

This means that Sunday, September 3 we will meet at the 9:30 time and on Sunday,

September 10 we will make the switch to the fall schedule. 

Bible Class Returns: 

Sunday Morning Bible Class is set to return on Sunday, September 10.  Plan to join us this fall for a 19 minute Bible Study before worship on Sunday mornings. This year our studies will take us into Luther’s small catechism.

Catechism Class Begins – September 13: 

Catechism classes for students in grades 5-8 will be begin on Wednesday, September 14. Catechism will be held from 4:00pm – 5:30pm.  Here children will be instructed in the truths of God’s Word through the guidance of Luther’s Small Catechism.

Sunday School Returns – September 17:

Sunday School is set to return September 17.  Children in Pre-K up to 3rd grade will gather on the stage in the church basement.  Children in grades 4-8 will meet in the finance room at the front of the church.  May God bless our efforts to share his word of truth with the next generation.  May God bless these children so that they may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

The Christian Faith, One Word at a Time:

Getting back to the basics can be a refreshing exercise.  Join us for a series of messages that takes us back the basics of our faith.   The Basics of the Christian Faith, One Word at a Time: Atonement, Righteousness, Reconciliation, Reversal, Buried, Battling, Longing, Praying, Chosen, Inseparable, Roots, Grafted, Awe, Sacrifice, Love, Freedom.  Read  or watched archived sermons online.

Luther Movie Update:

The reshowing of the Luther movie has been canceled.  Unfortunately, the companies    involved decided that they were not going to grant a reshowing of the Luther movie, Return to Grace: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther.  While it is disappointing that the reshowing will no longer take place, we were thankful for those who came to the original outing and hope you enjoyed the movie that we watched that night.  We are also thankful for those who showed interest in seeing he movie at this second outing.  Return to Grace: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther will be available on DVD from Northwestern Publishing in late October.

Streaming Services Unavailable for a Few Weeks:

For the next few weeks we will not be able to offer the livestreaming of our services.  Our computer which runs this program is being repaired.  We are very grateful for the ability to stream our services when things are working properly and we pray that they may be the case again very soon.

Pastor’s Podcast

As we repair the streaming services, Pastor Kuschel will be recording his sermons and posting them online through a podcast.  The link to this podcast will be shared on St. Matthew’s Facebook page on Sunday afternoons.  Use and share this podcast and let Pastor Kuschel know if you would like to see this continued even after the streaming services are repaired.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Grace and Lee Gluth:

Congratulations! May God continue to bless your marriage bond.

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